Basic bags: How to make a good choice.

Though we could have a favorite one, bags are that kind of accessories that are never enough. No matter its size, shape and color, to have many options will always be the dream of any woman; however, sometimes it may occur to make mistakes when choosing a bag to wear with a specific outfit, or just not to know which style is the best to a particular situation. We have to remember bags are not just useful and essential, but also they are a key element of our clothing; that is why a bad choice can have a negative impact on our attempt to be trendy.

First, let’s talk about satchels, which have increased their popularity during the last seasons, becoming one of the accessories most worn lately. Because of its size, the satchel bag is truly versatile and comfortable to carry. You can find such a variety of shapes and colors in this style of bag that are going to work amazingly in your daily life. It is important to avoid to wear your bag at the same height of the most voluminous area of your body; in this way, you will not highlight it and bring the attention to other zone. A really cool aspect about satchels is you can wear them during the day or night and they are going to look fabulous anyways, letting you to take with you those little things that, as girls, we always need. Too nice!

Another style that is closely related to minimalism and functionality is the clutch or mini-bag. As its name says, these little bags are designed to carry just the essential to go out. You can wear them for special occasions and events, because they cannot be combined with all dressing styles. Of course, it is easy to find many colors, shapes and prints, but it is a must to keep a black clutch in your wardrobe. Without hesitation, mini-bags have a big personality even when they are too small.

Crochet clutch bag by Etsy
Clutch bag by US Mart NY

Now, it is the moment to introduce the legendary tote bag, the one that is the best option for those super-busy days. Tote bags are perfect for going shopping, carrying all the stuff you will need during a day. There is a marvelous amount of styles that are going to be the best ally to complete your outfit, and, at the same time, to offer you all their usefulness every day. For working or going to college, to have a neutral color tone like nude o black will make you shine at a minimum effort.

Tote bag by Kohl’s

When buying a bag, take into account for what kind of occasion you are going to wear it and if it is comfortable to carry. It is also important to consider the color scale that domains in your wardrobe due to it will guarantee to use your bag many times somehow. Moreover, try to include in your bag collection some basic colors such as black and brown, just essential! With these tips, you are more than ready to make your big decision: Which bag is the best?

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