What not to do when wearing black

Black is synonym of strength, mystery, sophistication and also sensuality. And black has also gotten an important role in fashion. Since Gabrielle Coco Chanel decided to introduce this color as the tone of elegance and sophistication, it has held the spot of one of the best options to be worn. Black is versatile, non-temporal and always trendy. In other words, black is fashion and you must be ready to know how to wear it. Let’s see!

If you are a crazy black lover, you probably know there is an unmeasurable amount of black clothing, from trousers, skirts and dresses to jackets, shirts and coats. This is like to say that no matter your style, you can find the perfect black clothing to include in your outfit.

There are lots of stories and myths about black and wearing it. Some people say that this color makes you feel powerful and gives you a sensation of control. It could be true depending on your personality. Also, others think that black is an expert hiding flaws in the body, which gives self-confidence to the one wears it. This last belief is one of the most misunderstood because people make lots of mistakes thinking that only by wearing black clothing, their body shapes will look different in a really good way. Somehow it is true, but it is necessary to follow certain techniques when wearing black in order to reach our purpose of looking stunning.

The most common mistake is to wear all black all the time. Do not do it because it can be a crime! You are killing all the amazing traits that wearing black can give to you. At first, you will look sad. Combine your black clothing with any other color to contrast, and if you want a total-black outfit, try to mix different textures and fabrics in order to avoid monotony. Also, it could be useful for an astonishing look to wear accessories like necklaces, bracelets, belts and bags. A really good way to create a breathtaking style.

Regarding wearing black all the time, we have a strong statement that we want to share. Even when it could be difficult to believe, sometimes black does not works well for events during the day. Of course, you can wear it for going to work or a meeting at evening, but for attending occasions under the light of the sun, it couldn’t be the best choice.

Another wrong thought about black clothing is to consider them to be everlasting. The true is that black garments have their expiration date. After using them several times, the color intensity, which is really important when talking about dark colors, will change. It could start getting whitish at some point. This is the moment to forget that clothe and move forward to another one.

A similar situation happens with black clothing and cleaning. We know it is a dark color, but that doesn’t mean that black can hide a stain. Actually, it is totally the opposite. Stains, dust and even your pet’s furs are not the best friends of black fabrics since it will highlight those wastes instead of disguise them.

Sometimes, the only way to be in regarding fashion and style is knowing what not to do. It is your moment to stand out wearing black as an expert.

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