Polka Dots: Fashion in little dots

Polka Dots, that fabric full of dots that usually makes a reference to a casual and cheerful look, can be considered as one the most popular and influential in the fashion environment. This was what resulted after Christian Dior made this print the principal one in his stunning collection of hourglass dresses during the 50s. Since that specific moment in history, Polka Dots’ essence has prevailed through years, keeping alive its versatility. This fact is confirmed once again during this 2019 by the most famous runways of the entire world that are including this trend in their collections.

‘New Look’ by Dior, 1954.

Many well-known fashion designers nowadays consider Polka Dots as one of those trends that look amazing in everyone, because of its level of adaptability, which is unbelievable. You can find it in any kind of clothing, from trousers and skirts, to shirts and coats. There’s no a specific occasion to wear Polka Dots clothing: No matter if it is a sophisticated event or a daily-routine meeting.

Polka Dots, 1959.

As we have said before, Polka Dots is truly versatile and can be combined with everything for creating an outstanding look capable of catching all attentions in every step. Let’s see some nice ways to wear this trend.

If your star piece is a dress, combine it with a good pair of sock boots in the color trends of the season, such as green, red, and even white. A wonderful outfit with no doubts! And regarding accessories, you can complete your Polka Dots outfit with a golden necklace or jewelry to give a chic twist; also, you are allow to add a crossover bag or a satchel to get to the next level of fashion trends.

Moreover, taking into account that Polka Dots can be worn during any season of the year, clothing with fluffy dots are a good option for a winter look. Coats with this trend will give some fun to your appearance.

Nordstrom collection.

Of course, you can mix your Polka clothes with more prints. The first way is to create a Polka Dots total look by wearing several pieces with this trend at the same time. Another option is to take the risk of mixing a Polka Dots clothing with another print like floral or tribal.

Polka dots and floral prints.
Blair Eadie Collection.

For those that love the comfort that only jeans can offer, there is a really good news: Polka Dots print has a strong relationship with a pair of jeans! This combination is going to give you a dreamy urban look that will shine everywhere.

Polka Dots street style.

This 2019, this beautiful print is one of the most popular trends. So take advantage of its versatility and style and become a Polka Dots ambassador.

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