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Wearing neon colors: The new way to shine.

The neon colors’ trend was born during the 80s, and until some years ago, to wear these colors was a way to evoke an epoch marked by overloaded looks full of stridency and rebelliousness. However, in the last fashion seasons, especially in 2019, famous top-notch designers like Raf Simons for Calvin Klein, Prada, Jeremy Scott […]

Polka Dots: Fashion in little dots

Polka Dots, that fabric full of dots that usually makes a reference to a casual and cheerful look, can be considered as one the most popular and influential in the fashion environment. This was what resulted after Christian Dior made this print the principal one in his stunning collection of hourglass dresses during the 50s. […]

Basic bags: How to make a good choice.

Though we could have a favorite one, bags are that kind of accessories that are never enough. No matter its size, shape and color, to have many options will always be the dream of any woman; however, sometimes it may occur to make mistakes when choosing a bag to wear with a specific outfit, or […]

What not to do when wearing black

Black is synonym of strength, mystery, sophistication and also sensuality. And black has also gotten an important role in fashion. Since Gabrielle Coco Chanel decided to introduce this color as the tone of elegance and sophistication, it has held the spot of one of the best options to be worn. Black is versatile, non-temporal and […]

Jeans: versatility in two legs

To talk about jeans is like to talk about the concept of versatility. All of us, for sure, have one pair of jeans at least in our wardrobe. And if we are fans the denim vibe, it is possible to own more clothing pieces of this amazing material as jackets, overalls and vests. This kind […]

3 Fall-winter trends that you can’t miss

In the fashion world, everything changes really frequently. Every day, new trends come and others just leave. And the arrival of the last months of 2018 is not an exception of the rule. If you want to be a part of the fashionist flow, we will show you 3 trends that are ruling this season. […]

What to wear in autumn

Autumn is finally here. The changes in the environment´s temperatures make the clothing choice a hard task. At the beginning of the day, we prefer warm clothes and then, with the time passes, we need an outfit change due to the changing weather. However, let’s see this beautiful season of fallen leaves as a good […]