What to wear in autumn

Autumn is finally here. The changes in the environment´s temperatures make the clothing choice a hard task. At the beginning of the day, we prefer warm clothes and then, with the time passes, we need an outfit change due to the changing weather.

However, let’s see this beautiful season of fallen leaves as a good chance to stand out with awesome outfits that make us look on trend. Let’s be the focus of all attentions! But how can I do it? That is the common question and, today, we have the answer for you with these tips for looking gorgeous in autumn.

The first advice, and maybe the key to create your outfits during this season, is to wear in layers. Even when this strategy works for almost the whole year, it is especially useful in autumn because it allows us to get adapted to the day changes. You could start with a basic cotton t-shirt or blouse with a vest or a long sleeve, finishing with a warming jacket or sweater on top. In this way, you would get different dressing styles that work to the entire day!

Another good option is to wear jeans. Denim looks nice with almost everything and you can find a great variety of them. Skinny, Skinny Crop, Boot Cut, Jeggings, Straight Leg, Flared, Boyfriend or Low Rise: no matter the style you prefer, jeans always will be your powerful ally.

And what about to be a little bit more daring? Yes! For those who like to make a difference, dresses are the best. Short dresses are “in” in the current fashion trends. They work for every occasion, everything is up to the accessories used with them. You can combine them with high socks, pantyhose or tights to acquire an outstanding look and be able to face the weather traits successfully.But no outfit is complete without a good pair of shoes. In autumn, the weather is in the middle; it is like mid-cold and mid-hot. So we have to be prepared for facing and overcoming those conditions adapting our wardrobe to it. Thinking about shoes, women usually think about comfort has to be included. Good options for us are closed shoes like Oxford style, which can be combined with jeans, dresses and other clothing pieces.

Ballerinas, sneakers, boots and stilettos are also nice alternatives to make your clothing shine. It is all up to you. Choose and combine clothes depending on your pleasures and comfort. And remember, make autumn one of your best seasons!

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