3 Fall-winter trends that you can’t miss

In the fashion world, everything changes really frequently. Every day, new trends come and others just leave. And the arrival of the last months of 2018 is not an exception of the rule. If you want to be a part of the fashionist flow, we will show you 3 trends that are ruling this season.

  1. DAD SNEAKERS: also called “ugly sneakers” because of their appearance, these shoes are a boom in the current days. Icon personalities like Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been nice expositors of this trend in their looks. Dad sneakers break the classic pattern of streamlined elegant sport shoes like Adidas’ Stan Smith.
    Even when it is difficult to believe, these sneakers bring lots of benefits to who wears them. They make you look taller and help you to reduce negative effects on legs and back while walking. Besides, comfort is one of their traits, what else can we ask for? Dads are truly genius!
  2. CHUNKY CARDIGANS: this trend offers a huge variety of possibilities. Cardigans came with the 90’s revival movement and are having a big moment right now. Buttoned up or open, it works as a practical and chic piece to use in layers, offering several styles as a plus. Do you really need more reasons to include one in your wardrobe?
  3. TAPED JEANS: Jeans are still essential for most of our outfits. Even though skinny jeans is one of the most used, the other styles are recovering their popularity little by little. For this reason, it has emerged an interesting and fresh twist for this particular model called taping. But how do the look? Well, they are the same jeans with the common shape which have a colored “tape” on their sides. The truth is that this kind of jeans looks amazing and stylish, so you are going to be in regarding the current trends.

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