Wearing neon colors: The new way to shine.

The neon colorstrend was born during the 80s, and until some years ago, to wear these colors was a way to evoke an epoch marked by overloaded looks full of stridency and rebelliousness. However, in the last fashion seasons, especially in 2019, famous top-notch designers like Raf Simons for Calvin Klein, Prada, Jeremy Scott and the one and only Carolina Herrera have included this trend in their collections as a stunning style. This is a clear expression of how neon colors are stronger now that they have come back to life and are decided to stay.

Vogue Brazil

Even when we used to see some neon details on leggings and sport clothing mostly, history has taken a twist where neon colors have won one of the main spots of importance within the fashion world. This trend has a gradual emergence in actual days; little by little, it was taken room by introducing small glimpses on bags and belts, until reaching success at becoming one of the protagonist of total looks that go beyond the boundaries of nightlife.

Ocara Fashion Collection.
Neon accessories.

According to what we have seen on the most famous runways worldwide, the trend is not limited to the three main colors that are known for representing neon category: yellow, orange and pink; but, other colors from the color wheel are included such as blue, purple and green.

Angel Chen Spring 2019 RTW.

In order to start wearing this amazing and cheerful trend, you do not need to follow the motto ‘Go hard or go home’, especially when you are one of those girls with a sweet and soft wardrobe. The best advice that you can take into account is to include little elements of this trend in your outfits. This is a great way to begin without exaggerating. For instance, urban-styled outfits are really cool to wear these brilliant colors and to look incredible.

Urban look.

But, if it is all about functionality and versatility, just include in your outfit a t-shirt, a sweater or a blazer of any of these neon colors. It is essential to consider that those tones are outstanding by their own, so not to wear eye-catching prints at the same time is more than required to be trendy. In this sense, the neon piece will be the focus of your outfit. A breathtaking effect that you will cause without effort.

Neon pants.
Neon coat.

Also, if you want to be a fashionista risk-taker, a total neon look is at the top of the best options of the season. However, this is not for everyone, because it takes a big effort to look trendy and not color overloaded.

Neon total look.
Risky neon total look.

Furthermore, another nice idea to use neon colors is to wear it on shoes. Imagine a total black look combined with a pair of yellow stilettos heels: Absolutely amazing. Following this example and using your creativity, to have a wonderful outfit full of bright colors is possible. So, what are you waiting for? The rise of the neon trend is a reality and, as a fashion lover, you have to take advantage of it.

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