Prints: Best friend or worst enemy?

Mixing colors while wearing could be a complex task for some people, but everything goes to another level if we talk about prints. Prints have always been good options for an outfit if you know how to combine them successfully. In addition to what we have described before, there are several myths about wearing prints that can complicate the action of including them in our clothes. Prints will be present every day of the year, no matter the season. In that sense, to avoid mistakes when wearing them is almost necessary. They could be an attractive part of the outfit and will make you look incredible. That is why we bring some tips and options to wear prints properly.

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For those who are still beginning with the inclusion of prints in their outfits, to wear one at a time is a really safe way to avoid crimes in fashion. This is an element that stands out by itself, so to combine it with a neutral color in one piece of clothing will work excellent.

Como combinar acessórios com vestidos estampados? - Vestido do dia
Vestido do dia
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Pantalones estampados

In the print world, it is essential to learn about textures and types of prints, because it is going to be the key for achieving success at choosing our clothing with funny designs. The size of the print and colors are also important to mix them.

If you want to be a little bit more daring, you can challenge yourself by using different prints in the same outfit; however, it has certain strict rules that you must follow to be “in”. This is an art and not everyone knows it. When mixing prints, the first thing to take into account is the size: one of them have to be big and the other one, smaller. If all of them are like the same, it will be an opulent style. We definitely don’t want that!

Skirt casual outfit.
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Besides, there is a legendary rule called 60-30-10. Let’s divide your outfit according to what you want to highlight the most. This is a good way to play with sizes, colors and figures. Go through the smallest to the biggest to get an outfit that amaze the entire world.

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Polka Dots Trend

Another essential aspect is to choose prints that belongs to the same scale of colors. It will allow you to keep a natural style of figures with outstanding results.

Now that you know what is needed to wear prints, what are you waiting for?

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