Jeans: versatility in two legs

To talk about jeans is like to talk about the concept of versatility. All of us, for sure, have one pair of jeans at least in our wardrobe. And if we are fans the denim vibe, it is possible to own more clothing pieces of this amazing material as jackets, overalls and vests. This kind of clothes works perfectly in almost every occasion, besides the fact they combine with most styles. That is why they make easier the job of mixing clothing.

Selena Gomez
Eiza Gonzalez

Moreover, there are a lot of denim styles that can be adapted to any preference and personality in a blink of an eye. However, we are in the fashion environment, where making mistakes is very easy, even though when wearing jeans, a really essential and simple component for creating outfits.

To start talking about cardinal errors while wearing jeans, we have to mention sizing. Choosing the wrong size could wreak havoc. One of the most prominent consequences of such bad choice is that a smaller size than your body needs will not cover what you expect it to cover; I mean, you could show certain parts of your body you should not. No way! In addition to it, it is possible to highlight non-beneficial traits of your body shape like the sagging skin we usually try to disguise, due to wearing extremely tight pants. So, be careful, because sizing is important indeed.

On the other hand, we have to take into account the wide variety of jeans styles that exists nowadays, not all of them still trendy though. For those unfashionable ones, the solution is to leave them in the past. On one of the corners, the popularity of skinny reached its expiration date, even though it could be hard to believe. Totally tight pants are not the most in within fashion trends anymore; this is the reason why we firmly recommend to look for another option that benefits the silhouette in the same way. Well, let´s be less extremist. Try to, at least, wear them with an avant-garde twist that keeps alive the “fashionista” soul.

Boyfriend’s jeans
Flared jeans

In the same way, to wear jeans with patches must be exiled from our outfits without hesitation. They, in contrast to the lucky skinnies, do not have any opportunity to be include in actual trends. Using patches in clothing is one of those trends that specialists advise us to forget.


Another aspect to consider while wearing jeans is the choice of color. When we decide to wear clear jeans, the focus of all attentions will be on your legs; however, if we wear jeans of a darker range of color tones, you will get a more streamlined silhouette, lengthening your legs automatically.

Clear jeans: focus on legs
Dark jeans: streamlined silhouette

Similarly, it is known that ripped jeans are really trendy these days, but it is inherent not to exceed the limits. Lots of holes may produce the effect of a worn and overused vest. That is why you should use this style carefully.

Ripped jeans

Now, choosing in fashion world is really a hard task, even though it is about jeans. With those tips above, you will avoid to make mistakes and learn how to wear jeans like an expert.

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