Different dresses, different bodies: The right choice

It is not a secret for us that sometimes it seems a kind of hard to choose what types of clothes to wear in order to get our body shape benefited. It especially happens when we need to get a new dress, which could seems spectacular in the showcase, but, at the moment of trying it on, it does not look as good as we expected. Simply, it does not fulfill our expectations.

So with the purpose of avoiding those small problems that make the apparel choice become a complex task, it is useful to know what kind of body we have and, in that way, to know what dress style is our best friend.


You have an hourglass-shaped body, also called curly shape, if you have a well-defined waist, the measurements of your bust and hip are almost the same and you may have fuller bust, thighs and hips.

What kind of dress is the best option?

  • Bodycon dresses: They are amazing at accentuating curves and you have to take advantage of that! Holding your body as a second skin, it elongates your figure, making your curves be the focus of all attentions.

Striped skater dresses: Your figure is definitely sexy and you must accept it. However, if you want to soft those qualities just a little bit, stripes are really good at that task. Since the beginning, skater dresses are designed to curly shapes because it gives a sophisticated touch to your look. So, they both combined are a boom with no doubt.


If your waist is wider than your bust, your hips and rear fuller, and you have narrower shoulders in comparison to your hips, we are talking about a pear-shaped body or triangle shape.

What kind of dress is the best option?

  • Belted dresses: Without objection, they are one of the best partners of a pear shape with small waist, which is highlighted by the included cinched tie. The textures and pattern can vary according to what you prefer. They are a symbol for any springtime activity and can be combined with other clothing of your preferences.
  • Sleeveless dresses: As a synonym of comfort, it is a piece that you can wear during the day or night. Using it with the different top styles, you will look astonishing any time you like to show the gorgeous traits of this dress.


If you consider yourself to have a well-proportioned body with shoulders that are broader than your hips, fullness around the middle and less defined waist, your body shape could be known as an apple-shaped or inverted triangle.

What kind of dress is the best option?

  • V-neck dresses: This particular style is going to help you to draw the attention to your bust, which is one of the parts of your body that will make you look more stylish through highlighting your bosom and keeping your tummy free of gazes. It creates a vertical line that makes you look taller and avoid the top heavy appearance, giving you freedom of choosing between different textures and trends.
  • A-line dresses: More than make your legs stand out, this silhouette is completely versatile because you can play with different lengths: mini, midi or knee-length. It is up to you! Also, you are able to combine them with cardigans or vests, depending on the occasion.


Also called straight shape, you will know you have this kind of body if you are not especially curvy, the measurements of your shoulders and hip is almost uniform, your total weight is distributed throughout your body and you have a waist that is not very small or well-defined.

What kind of dress is the best option?

  • A-line wrap dresses: All the attention will be focused on your legs, as every A-line dress does; but it is also important to accentuate your top. For achieving this goal, look for styles that make your shoulders get some volume. Besides, with the tie adjusted around your waist, you are going to create the illusion of a narrower line to this area of the body. Voil√†! You have an hourglass shape.
  • Draped dresses: Draping is a good option for rectangle shaped bodies, since it creates curves in your straight line. The drape adds volume and movement to your figure, what else can you ask for?

Now, it is time to take advantage of your body shape and look stunning any time.

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